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Dear guests, welcome to the car rental website in Montenegro. You can also rent a motorcycle, ATV, trailer, bike, yacht or boat from us.

MonteRent provides a full range of car rental services in Montenegro: a fleet of new SUZUKI cars, convenient conditions, insurance, low prices.

Our company also organizes thematic tours in Montenegro:

off-road racing, an overview of Montenegro’s wine fields with a visit to private wineries, as well as magnificent fishing on the Adriatic coast, on Skadar Lake and other lakes and mountain rivers of Montenegro.

You can order a rental car in any way convenient for you.

The site has an online order form. Just fill in the fields with your data, car make and the desired rental date.
After that, our employee will contact you, specify all the information and payment methods.


About the country

Montenegro is an amazing country with a mild climate, clear sea and fresh mountain air, located in the south-west of Europe, right on the Adriatic coast. You can explore this country with the help of the map of Montenegro. The narrow serpentine and magnificent views are breathtaking.

Of course, there are features of the behavior of local drivers on the road.

Most of them are addicted to high speed.

You can get used to it and a little practice will show you the advantages and differences of Montenegrin highways.

Roads in Montenegro.

Features of car driving in Montenegro

Some important facts about Montenegrin roads.

Very slippery asphalt! For the reason that in this country during the construction of roads

local stone rocks are added to the asphalt, which are quickly polished by car tires.

Light rain makes asphalt such as a skating rink, which increases the risk of an emergency on the road.


– Montenegrin motorists are not very careful! you will have to think “for two,” because at any moment without any warnings, turn signals or signals, they may be in your way.


– horn lovers !!! do not pay attention, it is a habit of local motorists to say hello on the roads.

In general, Montenegrins love to greet each other, so do not be surprised if they block your path to just chat.


And most importantly, dear motorists !!! FOLLOW SPEED MODE !!!

For general reference, we give examples of fines for violations:

Speeding at 10 km / h – A fine of 20 euros!

Unfastened seat belt – PENALTY from 40 to 100 euros!

Talking on the phone while driving – A fine of 30 euros!

Parking in the wrong place – A fine of 90 euros!

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